Royal Tails: Premium Pet Product

Royal Tails is a premium pee pad made of quality materials that reduces leakages and messes around your home. The pet pad is 100% machine washable and can be reused for a variety of reasons, which include housebreaking puppies or young dogs, protecting crates or kennels during travel, mattress protection, and sick or diabetic dogs.

The brand prides itself on creating a pee pad that has durable, long-lasting material that is both economically and environmentally friendly due to its multiple-use ability.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Chat Bot Integration
  • E-commerce
  • Photography
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Integration


  • 2018


Product Launch. Sales Generation.

Royal Tails main goal coming to Big Chimp Creative was to successfully launch its product on Amazon, a completely online market.

Initially, Royal Tails lacked any type of brand development. While they had manufactured and purchased their product, they had no way of differentiating themselves from the competitive market place of Amazon. Furthermore, they lacked the goals or content necessary to steer sales within their competitive niche.


Creating a Realistic Timeline for Successful Revenue Generation.

We offered our consultation services to Royal Tails on how to improve their overall brand representation and product listing on Amazon. We carefully analyzed the Royal Tail pee pads for what they had to offer and recommended solutions to the brand leaders on how they could develop content and graphics that would make them stand out within the pet niche and against their competitors.

We also came up with various strategies that would help maximize sales, which included a 2 for 1 deal and free pet toy with each order.


Graphic & Logo Design. Content Development.

Logo Design: We created a visually appealing logo that was simple yet effective in representing the Royal Tails brand. Their initial idea for the brand was to develop more products within the pet industry. Furthermore, they wanted to come across as a premium pet brand. This resulted in a logo that attempted to integrate their objectives: The crown over the "Royal" emphasizes the premium quality and we created a tail that runs off the "T" to showcase the logo's relevancy to a pet-related industry.

Graphic Design: We continued to showcase our Graphic Design talents by developing infographics showcasing the product's features, benefits, and advantages when compared to other brands.

Content Creation: We wrote content for the brand's Amazon page that was fully optimized in accordance to Amazon standards. Keyword placement is essential when creating Amazon descriptions, as well as articulating a description that catches the buyer's eye. Due to ideal keyword positioning and photo quality, we were able to position the product to the top spot for its keyword ranking.

Photography: We organized a photoshoot with the brand's product to be used on their Amazon account.