Aimless Travels: Travel & Lifestyle Blog

Aimless Travels fully embraces taking adventures around the world to experience the outdoors and life's luxuries. They provide their viewers with the opportunity to indulge in their experiences and satisfy the longing that everyone has to travel aimlessly. Aimless Travels main goal is to offer its viewers a variety of nature, activity, and lifestyle options to optimize their daily lives.

Aimless Travels partnered with Big Chimp Creative to help develop the brand from the ground up, differentiate it from a highly competitive market, and articulate their message in a new, more innovative way.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • E-commerce
  • Photography
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Integration
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Email Marketing


  • 2019 - Present


Increase Awareness. Develop the Brand. Create a Digital Presence

Aimless Travels was the first client for Big Chimp Creative. The partnership began in January 2018 and still exists today. Their initial goal was to create a couples blog centralized in the highly competitive niche of travel that reached a variety of users around the country looking for relevant and useful travel articles.

Initially, Aimless Travels lacked brand initiatives, mission and values, a social media presence, and poor positioning. In order to create a disruption in the travel-related industry, Aimless Travels desperately needed to set themselves apart from competitors and gain a real, authentic digital media presence.


Design a resonating mission & values that entices readers.

We initially assisted Aimless Travels develop a clear mission, values, and realistic goals. Furthermore, we wanted to uncover what made Aimless Travels different from other travel blogs in the industry. We were able to clarify that the brand's purpose was to assist its viewer's with gaining the motivation to appreciate the outdoors, life's luxuries, or the road "less" traveled. Furthermore Aimless Travels wanted to dive deeper and offer its readers tips and hints to avoid the stresses that often accompany traveling.


Social Media Presence. Logo Design. Brand Collaboration.

Big Chimp Creative was faced with the daunting task of creating all aspects of the brand and business from the ground up.

Website Development: We developed an engaging website that has become fully SEO and site speed optimized to enhance user experiences and influence their behaviors. Over the last year, we have successfully obtained the Aimless Travels website thousands of monthly views on a consistent basis. This includes visitors coming in through both social media platforms and organic traffic.

Social Media Presence: As with any online business, having a social media presence is instrumental to success. Big Chimp managed the Instagram and Pinterest accounts. To influence follower growth and retention, we have focused on creating compelling, engaging content and caption for both social media platforms. Furthermore, we created a cohesive Instagram feed and optimized description with custom Story Highlight icons.

Logo Design: We really wanted the idea of whimsical travel, nature, outdoors to be amplified in the Aimless Travels logo.  The teepee was designed represent the aimless nature of traveling and their love for camping. The plane signifies the mode of transportation to get to different places around the world. These were also strategically designed in a way to still portray an "A" and "T", short for their initials.

Brand Collaboration: We successfully reached out to various brands to offer influencer opportunities in partnership with Aimless Travels. This allowed the travel and lifestyle blog to generate an income and valuable relations with relevant vendors.